Browser-based Metaverse

Dive into the virtual space with comfort. OUR3DSpace is an accessible platform built to provide an effortless way to connect.

  • Available through browser network without any installation.
  • Compatible with various platforms, including desktop, tablet, and smartphone.

Explore Interactive Space

Walk through the immersive world of Metaverse and discover the future of interactions

Display Media

Support multiple media format
Create information hub with embedded links
Screencast and enjoy content together


Daily login bonus point
Earn points form interaction
Customize games tailored to your needs

Non-Playable Character

Find answers to FAQ and related information
Help to navigate as tour guides
Submit tasks for learning purposes

Social Interaction

Engage with others seamlessly and connect with your perfect-fit community

  • Voice and video call
  • Personal and group chat
  • Express with emoji

Profile Customization

Personalize your virtual presence. Set your profile and select the most suitable character for you.

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For more virtual experience
Subscribe Us!Maybe later